Kawai Coffee

"The scent of coffee is a bookmark of travel"

I take a journey and get home.
Fatal things can remind me of that trip.

Everyday begins and I am chased by my daily work
I remember that trip with the scent of coffee.
It's never the end
I am on a journey to continue reading.
The scent of coffee reminds me of the memory of everyone's trip "Bookmark of travel".
Kawai Coffee wishes to be such a presence for everyone.
Kawai Kawai


-Opening Hours-

Open : 11:00

Closed : 21:00 

-Home Made Coffee Roasting- 

Kawai Coffee is a self-roasted coffee shop using only specialty coffee beans. We do not bake, we always stick to a little roasting which roasts every time to provide freshly brewed coffee beans.
When roasting, keep an eye on one time and a professional roaster pays attention to the latest attention and deliberately judges the highest grilling that was found in that bean and delivers it to the customer.


I am sorry, Kawai Coffee is not a blend of Kawai Coffee. We listen to your preference when ordering and blend coffee that suits you on the spot. It is from the idea that each customer's coffee's preference is different. I am waiting for everyone, preparing coffee more freely, today's best coffee with a more familiar motto.

-Kawai Coffee`s Menu-

-Roasting Experience-

At Kawai Coffee, we have a roasting experience.
Is roasting difficult? I wonder if I can do it? Even those who think that it is okay. Professional roasters not only coffee roasting but also basic coffee knowledge together with coffee? I am safe because I will teach you kindly from kind to kind.
Let yourself roast your own coffee beans in the world.


-Buy Coffee Beans-

 For your home, for work, for gifts, how about a self-roasted coffee of Kawai Coffee?
We will ship from 100 g to your house. If you like your favorite burn, please contact us. Adjustment can be made to your favorite baking adjustment.