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Coffee Roasting Experience ー焙煎体験ー

"Make coffee more familiar"

At Kawai Coffee we have a coffee roasting experience.
Is there no image that roasting coffee is difficult? Actually it is not such a thing, anyone can do it if you grab points and tips.
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Kawai Coffee makes roasting every day so that you can enjoy coffee closer to you more closely.
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As a professional roaster will teach you from scratch, you can receive with confidence in the first person.
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Let 's make only one coffee of ourselves together in the world together.

Coffee Roasting Experience

Reception hours: 13: 00-18: 00
Closed: Sunday
Roasting time: about 1 hour
Cost: 1 person 2,000 yen
With drinks & 100 g coffee beans roasted by yourself

-How  to do Coffee Roasting Experience-

① I will study the basic knowledge of coffee and basic knowledge of roasting at the first place for about 30 minutes.
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② Roast together with the roaster and master how to use the roaster machine.
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③ You will be roasted by yourself and roasted and it will be completed. Of course we also support roasters so we will not fail.
In case
④ Let's take it home and have a delicious drink ♪

Let's roast one's own coffee together in the world together! !
Those who wish to experience roasting experience from the form below.
I am looking forward to roasting with you.

Roasting experience application form


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