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- A man who keeps ET with his closet at home -
Mr. Barry
People who like outdoor and go camping often. It is always bullied by the owner 's unreasonable swing, and he is very tired of the big and disturbing gift from the owner. The picture was set up forced to forcibly push the 20000 lumens super powerful halogen emitter sent for moving celebration.

- I do not need a friend I just do not -
Mr. Kawai
People who are doing what they owner okay. Is not it lonely if you eat the hall cake alone in Kamakura? I tried the conclusion that it was lonesome after all. My hobby is to send big stuff to the staff silk tang.

- Female girls who match low kicks -
Hidden staff of easy-to-work work every year for only one month in April. Headquarters is Okayama, and the main job is Cook. A person sleeping well when I can easily write good-quality articles. Oral habit "I'm sorry, can I have you wait one day after the deadline? "

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