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Good trip & Good coffee

Good trip & Good coffee

Finish the trip and return to "usual life"
"Everyday" that is not so different from before traveling

But occasionally
Please remember the trip with coffee

Surely the scent of coffee
It should be able to revive the memory of a wonderful trip

Like that
I want to stay close to your daily life even after the trip has ended
I want to connect memories of a wonderful journey and your life

That is guest house easy Yasube Kawai Coffee's thought

Sapporo Guest House Yasube
 & Kawai Coffee

Guest House YASUBE

Check in : 15:00 - 23:00 / Check out : 10:30

​The second oldest shopping street in Sapporo "Shindo market".Guest house is easy to be born by refurbishing Japanese-style confectionary store of 40 years in the historic shopping district.You can relax and stay as you live on the second floor of the coffee shop.Breakfast is provided free of charge every morning.You can cut your favorite thickness by your self-service bread made by local baked bread specialty shop in Takefuji with your favorite thickness.The room type is only two rooms, a male / female shared room and a female private room. (There is no private room, the toilet, shower and kitchen facilities are shared.)


Open : 13:00 / Closed : 22:00


Sapporo Guesthouse Everyday life.
We are doing casual events and events, business hours etc. on a daily basis, please keep up-to-date information on easy-to-understand blogs.
Also, I do something personally and I make something.

Kawai Coffee is a coffee specialty store pursuing a really delicious coffee at Sapporo, which is attached to the Sapporo Guest House Okayama. All coffee beans are carefully selected specialty coffee beans and thoroughly thoroughly doing roasting and no sticking at all, we always offer coffee which does not compromise "for all this for one cup" motto. Of course not only guests can use it for anyone. I am waiting for everyone who has the best cup today as well.


Every Tuesday we have a store in Onofeka City. Community spaces 2 minutes on foot from the easier bread and drinks, lunch and miscellaneous goods, workshops are also held at Ono Beka.

Forcibly forcibly take a rest and go somewhere It is easy to drive. Where to go? what will you do? I do not understand. A staff member said that he does not want to do the most in business. Fun training for owners. At the event that the atmosphere of the workplace becomes the worst when the event returns 10000% event

\\​Follow us//

Sapporo Guest houtse Yasube & Kawai Coffee

6-6 Minami10 Nishi7 Chuo-ku Sapporo-shi Hokkaido


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