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-Before Booking -

· We accept reservation from 2 months ago.
· Please make a reservation on the day so that you can respond immediately. In case
· Call from 08:00 to 21:00, if you make a mistake please do not call at around 01:00 Do not call it even if you call that time, even if you take me by phone Because they are so unhappy do not feel good about each other so please never stop.
· We do not accept proxy appointment, please be sure to make a reservation from the person himself / herself.
· As a cancellation policy, a cancellation fee will be charged 3 days in advance.
(3 days - 1 day ago 50% on the day 100% No show 300%)
· Please contact us beforehand if check-in is over 21:00. If you do not contact us after 21:00, reservation may be canceled.
· Baggage check-in after check-in (after 10:30) is possible before check-in (before 15:00). Please feel free to ask the staff.
· We do not hold pets and animals. Even if you make a mistake, do not say anything at the time of reservation or check-in and take it without permission, you will be bald later and Kawai will have to get angry then let's stop each other feel awkward. If you bring an animal and you have a customer, please consult us in advance. I will refuse even if consulted ...



​・FD-Female only dorm room MD-Mixed dorm room 

・○ available △ 3 to 1 × Full

​・Since availability may change due to reservation on the day or sudden cancellation, please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail for the latest availability.


· When sending the reservation form, reservation content confirmation will be sent automatically automatically. We will send you a reservation confirmation email from behind (within 24 hours) afterwards. Reservation is confirmed and reservation is completed.
* To prevent transmission / reception errors, please make reservations at the e-mail address of the personal computer as much as possible (eg and other companies' addresses) instead of the mobile e-mail address.
* Those who are e-mailed from a personal computer, thank you for setting spam (We will send it from
· Please do not hesitate to call me for reservation form if it is Mendoy. We'll be expecting you

 Snow festival (4th of Feb to 11th) cancel policy 1 month before 100% (No applicable weekly late for snow festival time4th to 11th of Feb)

 Thank you . 


※ Please note that the following reservation form may not be filled in cellular phone so in that case please mail directly to for the following reservation information.


E-mail address:


Check in date:

Check out date:

Number of guests:

Hope Accommodation: Male-female shared room or ladies-only room

cell phone number:

Scheduled arrival time:


Please email directly to

We will send you a confirmation e-mail to reserve your reply so please be sure to reply after reading it. Please note that reservation will not be completed unless you respond to confirmation e-mail from the customer.

 Thank you 

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