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6-6 Minami10jo Nishi7chome Chuo-ku Sapporo Hokkaido

Tel : 011-213-1305

E-mail :

Opening Hours

-Guest house Yasube-

Check in : 15:30〜23:00

Check out : 〜10:30

-Kawai Coffee-

Open : 13:00

Closed : 22:00




-By train-


-ShinChitose Airport-


JRHokkaido 1070yen 37min

Nanboku Line 200yen 5min

-By Bus-

Bus 1030yen 30min​

-ShinChitose Airport-


-Nakazima to Yasube-

① Exit from Nakajima Park station No.1 exit.
② As you exit number 1, proceed to the left (it is on the left with the exit back)
③ If you go to the left and exit 3 traffic lights, you will see the streetcar line. Turn left at that signal.
④ Continue to the left, turn right at the first traffic light and enter the Naka-dogo way (a grocery store named Sato Shoten is a landmark)
⑤ It is easy to move as it is.

-Chinchitose Airport to Yasube Movie-

-ShinChitose Airport to Sapporo-

-Sapporo to Nakazimakoen-


-Nakazimakoen to Yasube-

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